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Category: young grappa

Distillation: artisanal, discontinuous method with steam boilers and discontinuous low-grade column; head and tail cutting performed manually at each firing by the Master Distiller.

Raw material: softly pressed fresh pomace of Sangiovese Grosso, Brunello di Montalcino, distilled within 48 hours of racking.

Visual inspection: transparent, limpid, crystalline.

Olfactory test: rich and elegant, the nose expresses the intense aromas of the harvest, combined with pleasant and refined notes of black cherries, flowery meadow, wild strawberries, lilacs.

Gustatory examination: it is intense in the mouth, with excellent correspondence to the nose, balanced sweetness, pleasing roundness. The finish is persistent with flavors of mown hay, licorice, fresh marc.

Grappa di Brunello

  • 100% Brunello di Montalcino pomace

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